May and June bring out the wildlife

Been quiet on the blog front, so decided to give a quick update to what I’ve been doing over the last month. I’ve had a few photos published in HL Weekly Newsletters, plus trying to capture scenes and wildlife around Hampton Lake.

Spring and Summer in Hampton Lake brings out a variety of wildlife. Everything from new fawns to alligators basking in the sun. Plus the first sighting of the Black Racer snake, which is non-venomous and great to have around to control any vermin and other snakes! Also seen and photographed, using the macro lens, a Lubber grasshopper, which is NOT a friend as it destroys the vegitation like a locust!

Fascinated with our local reptiles, and you can see clearly the round eyes of the Black Racer. At first it was quite aggressive, with its tail vibrating like a Rattle snake, and taking up the strike pose, but calmed down and posed nicely for me when I crouched down at its level!

I’ve also worked on the website some more, and added a few photos from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.