HL Volunteers working enthusiastically in support of “CURE For Childhood Cancer”

HL lost one of its young residents to a very aggressive childhood cancer this week. Young Michael had been bravely, and courageously battling this disease for nearly a year. All our thoughts are with his family at this very tragic time. In a way to honor Michael’s memory, the initiative was taken by some very thoughtful HL residents to look to attaching Bows to the mail boxes during the month of September. The proceeds of this charitable event are to go to Michael’s wishes and choice of charity, “CURE For Childhood Cancer”. Under the leadership and organizer of one of the family friends, Anna K., volunteers came forward to make the bows, deliver to all those who requested to participate, fix them to the mail boxes and obviously work to collect the donations. This was a very well organized event and credit should go to Anna and all of those who willingly and graciously offered their support.

I thought it a nice idea to try and capture the activity on the day, and WOW, what a turn out by the ladies of HL! Absolutely brilliant their enthusiasm, and commitment to aiding the success in support of the demand for the bows. I believe that this surpassed what the organizers had originally thought, but it demonstrated the thoughtfulness, and compassionate nature of this HL community. My small part, very small, was to capture some candid and slightly formal, images on the day. The patience and understanding nature of the very committed and busy ladies was appreciated, as I moved around the congested room, taking the various images. The diversity of the people present and helping included many young girls, who all played their role in supporting the bow making.

We must not forget all those volunteers out in the streets of HL attaching the bows. Great efforts by all, and a few photos taken to capture these hard working volunteers, outside in this very hot summer heat.

There are a few more days in support of the memory of Michael, where many of his friends and school colleagues will be working lemonade stands around HL. I will be sure to capture some of theses very special individuals.

A very sad time, but one where the Hampton Lake community came together this week to help offer their support to a family within our community.

Please visit my main site, under work/gallery/people/CURE For Childhood Cancer for additional images from the day.