Halloween Barbers

After quite a few weeks of excessive hair growth, and deciding that I probably wouldn’t go down the Willy Nelson route, and grow the pony tail(!), joking apart, I thought it time to get my hair cut (what’s left of it).

Off to the local “Barbers of the Low Country”, still a rather traditional barbers, cuts, shaves etc, but quite up to date and some several of the company’s top barbers are recognized, not just locally but nationally, for their craft. Several of them give lectures and presentations at national conferences and trade shows. That said, this visit also showed the humor and engagement of the staff. Not sure the top barbers would have been visually recognized on this day, as I was greeted with the staff all dressed for Halloween.

After having my hair cut by my regular lady, Dina, a really nice lady originally from just outside Kiev, I went home, and decided I couldn’t miss this opportunity and returned with the trusted Nikon in hand. Asking permission, the guys and ladies were really pleased and had no objections, likewise the clients in the shots. Some great photos, with the staff really getting into the roles. Check out the pirate with the Johnny Depp poster in the background

The costumes were quite spectacular and really made an impression, in fact one little boy, was a bit frightened with Edward Scissorhands, who had to remove his hair piece to cut the young boy’s hair!

More photos under the local events category, plus BoTLC also published quite a few on their FaceBook page.