Halloween Night, Hampton Lake style

Once in a night as black as pitch, Isabel met a wicked old witch……

Like the many opportunities throughout the year to celebrate, exhibit or just to enjoy themselves, Halloween in the USA can be a serious business. Although not having been someone who really participated in the typical Trick or Treating festivities of Halloween Night, this year rather than stay indoors, we thought that we would roam the neighborhood on our trusted golf cart to search out the ghouls, witches and ghosts out there around the streets. For the few weeks running up to Halloween Night, many residents in the community spend time and in some cases a lot of effort, decorating or festooning their gardens and houses with a multitude of Halloween products.

The community arranged quite a few street parties, and set up tables for many of the revelers to stop, collect and enjoy the bucket loads of sweets and candy. It was very evident that Halloween was not just for the young children and teenagers, but the adults too, seemed to be rather in various stages of high spirits! Excuse the pun, but in some cases, there seemed to be boisterous, loud, and enthusiastic parties ongoing in many streets. Surprised the Halloween ghosts and witches weren’t scared away!!

Obviously I could not miss such a photo opportunity, and wanted to capture the essence of the evening and the engagement of the community in putting on the Halloween festivities. Riding the streets in mainly total darkness, except for the bright LED lights, the Ogden Nash poem “Adventures of Isabel” came to mind. I still remember excerpts, from having to learn and recite this as an 11 year old at school!……..Once in a night as black as pitch,¬†Isabel met a wicked old witch,¬†the witch’s face was cross and wrinkled, the witch’s gums with teeth were sprinkled……….

What a selection and choice of costumes and make up……this is a serious business, as the photos will show. Some really engaging shots and images, plus a challenge taking photos in the pitch black of Halloween Night. My Nikon D800 definitely got a good workout and as you can see, performed really well under the conditions, of low light or even no light! Of course the speedlight flash helped and allowed for some good quality photos to be taken.

Spending over 3 hours around the streets, we still didn’t manage to visit every road, but we did capture a great number of groups, individuals and the night scenes around.

Must admit although we started out the night, camera gear in hand, golf cart fully charged, and a big container of sweets, chocolates and other treats, we still returned with quite a few goodies still in the container. My chance in the year to slightly over indulge myself with a few extra chocolates!

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