2018 Captain’s Cup Fishing Tournament provides challenges with the changing weather conditions

  • The 2018 Captain’s Cup Tournament provided a variety of challenges for the excellent turnout this year of the 18 teams. The event started with an evening dinner on the Friday, where Jordan Williams and Bryan Rhame welcomed the teams to the competition, and set-out the agenda and rules to the teams.

The completion required for each team to comprise of a HL member plus one outside guest. Having said this there seemed to be some very familiar faces, plus some new entries this year. It was also encouraging to see two young boys enthusiastically competing.

Having been well fed on the Friday evening, the teams had an early start around 06:15 with the start of the Saturday fishing. The weather was not too cool during the day and provided some great fishing for several of the teams. There was a variety of water craft out on the lake, with many of the teams finding some good spots to catch a variety of fish. Although the number of fish caught varied between the teams, all the competitors seemed to have a good days fishing and there was some good catches recorded. Although no records were broken on the day, this did not deter some healthy completion between the teams, with several of the teams awaiting the final results of the day.

The Sunday fishing was a different story. The day started with very cool temperatures, which seemed to have a detrimental affect on the day’s fishing as the fish seemed to be avoiding the cooler temperatures, with a lack of interest in feeding. That said, several of the teams still managed to catch enough fish to secure their positions in the competition.

Dedicated to capturing some action and candid shots over the weekend, I took to the “Duffy” and spent several hours out and about the lake, tracking down the teams as to capture them in action. Photographing from a boat presented some additional challenges, but I managed to set-up and secure the tripod to the the bow of the boat, so as to utilize the 200-400 lens. This allowed me to shoot from a distance as to not integer too much or distract the dedicated and concentration of the fishermen!

Overall I managed to get some good shots of the teams, which was encouraging for the equipment set-up I had managed to utilize.

After the Sunday morning fishing, the Awards Lunch was held, where the various prizes were given out. It was great to see the keen support of the various sponsors to this event.

Congratulations to Gary Meagher and Steve Farress who took 1st place overall.

Please visit the photo portfolio set-out under Hampton Lake category, under the Gallery tab.